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Two spring online workshops are now posted. 

Online teaching will pause for the summer, but I look forward to being in-person at the University of Southern Maine's Summer Book Arts program teaching The Elegant Slim Volume.

More virtual workshops will be on the schedule for the fall season. Sign up for the mailing list to be notified when these are scheduled.

Stephanie has offered workshops online via Zoom through a variety of organizations: the Jaffe Center for Book Arts, Maine Media Workshops & College, AVA Gallery & Art Center, Creative Arts Workshop, the Morgan ConservatoryCanadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild, San Diego Book ArtsKalamazoo Book Arts Center, and Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Please get in touch if you are interested in having her teach for your group, either virtually or in person. For an idea of workshop offerings, see the photographs of workshop models posted below. Or get in touch to discuss options designed for your group.

Generally the online workshops are recorded by the host institution and available for a period of time after the live session. Handouts are provided for all workshops, both virtual and in-person. 

I want to express my appreciation with grateful thanks, not only for my own teachers, but for the historic bookmakers from many cultures, whose generous sharing of their knowledge and innovations whether through workshops or publications, has informed my own artwork and my teaching. 

Microfiction Mini Books Wednesday May 24, 2023

Online via Zoom through Jaffe Center for Book Arts

A very short story (six words!) will be the content of a mini artist book. Participants will write their story and create illustrations, then bind it into a simple but versatile book structure. The writing is meant to be a fun exercise, but participants are welcome to use existing stories should they choose. This structure could be used for any kind of content: text or image or both and can be scaled up in size. Our books will end up being either a draft for a piece to be worked on after the workshop, or a finished piece depending on each participant. To learn more about this writing form, search the internet for “six word stories” or “six word memoirs”. A famous example, allegedly by Ernest Hemingway: “For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.” To register:

Circular (Toroidal) Accordion Tuesday June 6, 2023

Online via Zoom through Jaffe Center for Book Arts

A circle? A donut? A torus! Whatever you think of when you see this accordion, the shape has lots of fun possibilities for content, which we’ll discuss. When open, it’s donut-shaped, when folded up it’s a wedge—like a piece of pie without the tip. We’ll draw out the form, cut and fold, and make a simple wrapper. Our focus will be on making a model that participants can use as reference for making more after the workshop. No advanced math is required, but a drawing compass is. Please note: this structure is also taught as a part of the instructor’s More Unusual Accordions workshop.

The Elegant Slim Volume

Week of the 31st of July, 2023

In person at the University of Southern Maine's Summer Book Arts Program

This workshop is one day of the week-long program. For more information: